Ori Avissar


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Ninja Sex Party

I know the general trend is to discover Tupperware Remix Party after knowing and seeing Ninja Sex Party, whether they where the opening act or just as their backing band, but it actually happened the other way around for me. I saw TWRP for the first time at the Fillmore in Silver Spring about a year and a half ago in support of the opening act, my friends’ band Cowabunga Pizza Time. Not one person that I met at the show didn’t say they came out because they saw TWRP open up for “Ninja Sex Party”.

After a while of hearing about these Ninja Sex guys, I decided to check them out and started to dig the music, but more the jokes. It didn’t take long until the rabbit hole lead me to Game Grumps and I really started to learn about Dan and his career. I don’t know if it’s how comfortable he is sharing his life stories, secrets, and music taste with the audience while still smiling, making jokes, and playing Super Mario, but there was always something so earnest and genuine about him. It allowed me to appreciate the band that much more.

Once I started watching their goofy music videos, hearing TWRP is their backing band, and seeing them team up with Steel Panther on occasion, then they really had my attention. I started listening to their (at the time) upcoming new album ‘Cool Patrol‘ and all the great rhythms and arrangements guys in Remix Party put together. From there, it was game over for me- I was hooked.

Only 3 posters for these guys, but I made sure each one to accommodate to their respective styles- Danny’s sensual and enticing glam, and Brian’s intense chaotic rage.

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